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Secrets of Santorini

Set on the Greek islands of Santorini and Crete

Sent away to a convent school in Dublin at the age of five, Irini McGuire has always had a strained and distant relationship with her mother, Bridget, a celebrated archaeologist who lives on the paradise island of Santorini. So, when Irini receives news that Bridget has been injured at a dig and is in a coma, she knows it is finally time to return to the island of her birth.
Reading through her mother's notes at her bedside, Irini starts to realise how little she knows about Bridget's life. Now, driven by rumours that her mother's injury was no accident, Irini must uncover the dark secrets behind her family's separation.
Will she discover the truth about her parents and her past before it is too late?

Patricia's 2019 novel comes from Santorini, Crete, and Plato's Atlantis,' Patricia says. 'This story was inspired by a piece of broken pottery that I discovered on my land while gathering olives, and also the life size frescoes of Akrotiri, Santorini. To this day, I haven't been able to decipher the circle of strange hieroglyphics around the base, but I hope I will. The shard of terracotta led to a very exciting modern day and ancient Geek story. I am particularly thrilled by the audio book. Narrators Aoife McMahon and Caroline Lennon have done an outstanding job.
'Research, research, research! This is my favourite part of writing a novel. People are so interesting. While working on my third novel I completed a course run by Strathclyde University on Art Theft and Trafficking Antiquities, and another on Forensic Science. Both courses were very enlightening and entertaining.'

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Villa of Secrets

Set on the Greek island of Rhodes

Rebecca returns to the beautiful island of Rhodes. She knows little of the grandmother she has eluded for over a decade. Bubba never speaks of Nazi occupation, but there have been whispers that desperate measures were taken on the terrible day when her family was ripped apart. Can the rumour that Bubba has blood on her hands be true? Will she take her secrets to the grave? The time has come to tell the truth about those dark days.

Patricia says, 'Rhodes is an incredibly beautiful island that has suffered a cruel and turbulent past. The Greek people of Rhodes have risen above all kinds of adversity and have to be admired for their determination to make every tourist want to come back.

'The most moving part of writing VILLA OF SECRETS was listening to a local survivor of Auschwitz tell of his removal from Rhodes. This young teenager's harrowing journey to the concentration camp, and how he managed to survive and return ten months later nothing but 26 kilos of skin and bone, was heartbreaking.'

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It is not only in the UK that Patricia Wilson's novels are loved. Bonnier Zaffre have had great success in selling Island of Secrets internationally. Island of Secrets is now published in six languages with rights sold to Norway, France, Greece, Serbia and Croatia.

Island of Secrets reached  number four in the bestseller chart in Norway and stayed in the top fifteen for a month.

Norway have also bought the rights for Villa of Secrets and the publisher's are confident that they will receive interest from other international publishers.

Closer to home, Island of Secrets, Villa of Secrets, and Secrets of Santorini have achieved amazing sales with Villa of Secrets making it into the Sunday Times top fifteen paperback chart.

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Island of Secrets

Set on the Greek island of Crete

This story started at dawn on the fourteenth of September, 1943 . . .'
All her life, London-born Angelika has been intrigued by her mother's secret past. Now planning her wedding, she feels she must visit the remote Crete village her mother grew up in.
Angie's estranged elderly grandmother, Maria, is dying. She welcomes Angie with open arms - it's time to unburden herself, and tell the story she'll otherwise take to her grave.
It's the story of the Nazi occupation of Crete during the Second World War, of horror, of courage and of the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her children. And it's the story of bitter secrets that broke a family apart, and of three enchanting women who come together to heal wounds that have damaged two generations.

'Patricia said, 'The oldest village women, with their wide smiles and sad eyes, told me incredible stories of both suffering and bravery. Details of events that took place in Amiras Village, when 2,000 Axis troops invaded the area are harrowing... but this is not a story about war. This is the story of one woman's fight for survival under the most atrocious circumstances, and her fierce determination to protect her children. This is a family saga, a story of conflict between three generations of women, Maria, Poppy and Angie. Buried and bitter secrets explore different stages in the evolution of Cretan culture and the impact of those tragic events from the past on their modern day lives.'
In the photo below you can see the actual places in the village of Amiras where the story took place.

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The Kriti News: A photo with the Mayor of Viannos as Patricia hands over the gun.

About Patricia Wilson.

After running her own business in Merseyside for twenty years, Patricia took early retirement and moved to the Greek island of Crete.

When she dug up a rusted machine gun in her garden, and the inhabitants of her remote mountain village came with local stories of tragedy and triumph, she knew she had to tell their account of what really happened in September 1943.

In the spring of 2017, Patricia's first novel, ISLAND OF SECRETS, quickly became an Amazon number one best seller. This was followed by her 2018 novel, VILLA OF SECRETS, and in 2019, SECRETS OF SANTORINI.