Patrica Wilson

in Greece

Summer in Greece.jpg

Present day: For years Shelly Summer has buried herself in her work, trying to forget her past. The only time she feels truly herself is when she's diving in the Mediterranean - the calm and stillness of the clear waters help her forget.

When Shelly stumbles across her great-grandmother's belongings she starts to uncover secrets which might help her let go of her past...

1916: When trainee nurse Gertie Smith signs up for the war effort, she heads to Greece with a head full of blue skies and handsome men. Unprepared for the horrors of war, she boards the Titanic's sister ship, the ill-fated hospital ship Britannic. Tragically, the Britannic never reaches its destination.

When rescued, Gertie is taken to the Greek island of Kea, where she falls in love with a Greek fisherman, Manno - but she finds herself torn between him and her duty to an English soldier...

"An intriguing tale of two different generations of strong women..."

"... another gorgeous story of life in Greece..."

"... this is a real cracker of a book."